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How to write brill business blogs

By Adrian Barradell

A brilliant business blog will:

- be entertaining

- spark interest in your business

- bring visitors to your main website

- be so useful people will want to share it.

  If that feels like quite a big ask here are few tips to help you get there.

1. Grab attention

Kick things off with an attention grabbing headline. Remember, this is your opportunity to entice the reader and it is a good idea (and a bit of an old trick) to ask a question. Try something like, “Do you want a happy and motivated workforce”?

2. Use a relaxed writing style

Generally with a blog you can allow your copywriting style to be relaxed and chatty. Good writing is like having a good conversation so keep the formal business stuff for your annual report.

3. Keep it short

Aim for 200 to 300 words and keep to one subject matter.

4. Give it great content

Make it useful and unique (and add in your SEO keywords).

5. Make it visually easy to read

Bullet points and bold headers make long blocks of copy easier to take in.

6. Keep the reader to the end

For example, if you have a statistics section you could introduce it with something like; if you don’t believe us, just look at these statistics!

7. Highlight your conclusion

Try something like; ‘If you only remember one thing, remember this’ or… ‘OK, here’s what you need to do next’.

8. Finish with the offer

At the end, tell the reader how your business can help them and give them an ‘action to take’. Also, make it really easy for them to actually take it.

Adrian Barradell is the owner of Clarify Copywriting. More at -

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