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I have been a member of Sterling Network Groups since they started operating and I regularly attend the Evesham and Cheltenham groups.

Those who run the meetings, and those who attend, do so in a friendly and professional manner; there is no pressure to attend every meeting - although the majority do so - but the real thing that separates Sterling from other networking organisations is the encouragement to develop business relationships away from the room. This activity is vital in ensuring fellow members understand your business - and vice versa. And it works, I am getting a steady flow of referrals and contributing as well. I can heartily endorse Sterling Network Groups to those looking to build their business!

Pure Protection, Cheltenham & Evesham Groups.

The magic of Sterling Network Groups is a format that really works, the great team who run Sterling and the regular breakfast meetings where I meet excellent people who are helping me to build my business. Developing long term trusted relationships with potential clients, referrers and suppliers is key to my business and I continually learn from a range of experts who willingly share their expertise at every meeting I attend.

One of the secrets to successful networking is regular attendance and that is made easier because Sterling breakfast meetings are not only practical, they are fun and get the day off to a great start!

Business Consultant, Gloucester Group

In May 2014 I created my business, at the same time I joined Sterling Network Groups which has been with me along my journey both as a solid platform in providing support and guidance but also has exposed me to new business opportunities. 70% of my business is attributed to Sterling Network Groups, where I currently have 15 clients and continuing to grow through regular attendance at the breakfast meetings. This is crucial as it helps to nurture relationships and develop trust; where common values are shared; where it’s about giving rather than taking.

There is a something very authentic, true and honest about this diverse group of personalities and professions, where you can shine and enjoy the whole experience of doing business; and be amongst inspirational experts where you’re forever learning. Thank you Sterling Network Groups and Sterling Integrity for making it happen.

GAP Marketing - Cheltenham Group

I’m delighted to be part of the Network and it continues to help me building business as well as providing a splendid energising meeting every fortnight. The friendship and comradery that has built exceeded my highest hopes and our Network is a thoroughly rewarding way of promoting one's business.

Thanks to you Phil, and to all of the team for making it so successful.

Positive Solutions Financial Services - Cheltenham Group

I was introduced to Sterling by a friend and went along to one of their breakfast meetings, I was immediately impressed with the format and the businesslike attitude in the room. The members made me feel extremely welcome from the moment I walked in.

I joined the group a couple of weeks later and since then there has been many referrals and jobs from the head off, I always get the feeling that the people around me in Sterling genuinely care about my enterprise and are working for me in the background. As they say, the group is a support network.

I have also been introduced to the Sterling Business Shows part of the brand which I have created photography for and exhibited with. These shows are truly productive, professional and fun!

I will heartily endorse and recommend the Sterling brand to anyone in business, small or large, and I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them.

ImageMaker - Cheltenham Group