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Frequently asked questions.

By people thinking of joining

  • How many groups can I visit before I join? more
    • You can visit as many groups as you like once or twice before deciding which group is right for you. Additional visits to other group locations will be at Sterling Network Group’s discretion.
  • I belong to another networking group, can I come as a visitor? more
    • You are more than welcome to come along as a visitor to one or two of our meetings, before making a decision whether to commit to Sterling Network Groups
  • Can I be a member of one or more groups? more
    • Yes, we do allow members to buy seats in more than one group providing that seat category is not already taken.
  • What does single category mean? more
    • Single category means we will only allow one member to join a group from each profession. E.g. only one Solicitor will be permitted to join each group, although we do find, and encourage, members from similar industries do work together.
  • My category is taken, can I still join? more
    • If your category is taken in your chosen group, you can look to join another group where the category is still open. We do encourage members from similar industries to work together, so it’s always worth speaking to a member of the team, as you may still be permitted to join.
  • What does it cost? more
    • Membership costs £329 per annum (ex vat) and then there is a small fee charged for each breakfast meeting. .
  • I don’t know anyone to refer me, can I still join? more
    • Of course! Please feel free to call a member of the team who can advise you of our joining process and answer any queries.
  • Who decides if I’m allowed to join or not? more
    • Each application is considered carefully by the Group Leader and Sterling Network Groups head office. We like to ensure that there are no seat category clashes, and that each person is a right fit for the group and our overall community.
  • Why is Sterling Network Groups different to other groups? more
    • Sterling Network Groups are run by a team of experienced networkers who believe networking can, and should be, without pressure – and at a sensible cost. We believe we’re networkers with integrity.

By members

  • My category is taken in my local group - can I attend as a visitor? more
    • If your category is taken in a group you wish to visit, we ask that you contact the Group Leader there, who will advise whether you will be permitted to visit or not.
  • Can I be a member of one or more groups? more
    • Yes, we do allow members to buy seats in more than one group providing that seat category is not already taken
  • How can I get in touch with other members? more
    • Our website contains an A-Z of members from all groups, where you will find their contact name and a link to their website. Alternatively, speak to a member of the Sterling Network Groups team – we’d be happy to make an introduction!
  • Can I transfer my seat to another group? more
    • In certain circumstances (such as moving area) we do allow group transfers providing your seat is not already taken within the group.
  • What happens if I’m ill and can’t attend my meetings? more
    • We appreciate that everyone falls ill from time to time. All we ask is if you can send your apologies to your group leader, so they are aware you will not be attending the meeting, and if you can, send a substitute in your place, either a colleague or associate who knows your business well, as this will be beneficial for yourself and the rest of the group.
  • What are the benefits to being a Sterling Network Group member? more
    • Business development is just one of the many benefits you will gain from becoming a Sterling Network Groups member. You will receive introductions to potential new customers, gain a wider network of business contacts, receive help and support from fellow members, as well as benefit from their expertise! In addition to this, you will have the chance to share your own knowledge and experience, source partners or suppliers you know you can trust, and have an open-minded, supportive group to share new ideas and discuss emerging trends with.
  • Will I be bombarded with sales emails and phone calls? more
    • Not at all. We will only contact you with reminders for your group meeting, to introduce you to members from other groups, or invite you along to special events such as our BIG Breakfast or Visitor Open Days.
  • Can other people from my company attend the meetings? more
    • Yes, with our memberships, it is the company who joins, not the person. This means if you are unable to attend a meeting, you can send a colleague in your place, or you can bring them along with you to experience a meeting.
  • Do other people from my company have to apply for memberships? more
    • No, as it is the company that has purchased the seat, your colleagues are also welcome to attend meetings at your membership group. However, if someone else from your company would like to regularly visit a different group, then they will have to purchase a membership for that group.
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