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by The Sterling Team

Networking - taking the long view

By David Tovey

Over the last couple of years I’ve seen people who seem to get the networking ‘bug’. After enjoying their first couple of meetings they join every group they can find – trying to be everywhere and meet everyone. They race around from group to group, doing breakfasts, lunches and dinners, until they become exhausted by all the activity and inevitably give up before their investment paid off.

If only those same people had taken the time to develop a networking strategy and understand that networking needs time, hard work, patience and commitment; they might be gaining the rewards that can come from investing in networking as part of their business development efforts.

More than ever networking is about taking time to build trusted relationships. Being seen and taking the opportunity to share with people who you are and what you do is important but that alone won’t get you very far. You can run around meeting people and giving out business cards but if you are not committed to following up, arranging 1-2-1’s and building trusted relationships you won’t achieve much in terms of results.

To ensure you don’t suffer the same fate as some people who get the networking bug, take time to review your own networking strategy and your plan for building relationships.

David Tovey is director of Sterling Growth Hub

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