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by The Sterling Team

Is your positioning all me, me, me?

By David Tovey

Letting people know what you do can be really easy or fraught with danger. You can be really engaging or switch people off in less than a minute.
Think about the contacts you meet for the first time at an event or when you listen to the one minute introductions members share at networking meetings. Have you noticed how many business people's introductions are all me, me, me?

Think about social situations and you will quickly recognise that the most boring people are those who talk about themselves. It's no different in business.

The problem is that there is often a mismatch between what we think is exciting about our business and what customers actually find interesting. What stirs our emotions is often perceived as boring or irrelevant. Marketers, sales people and business owners too often write, say things or even design beautiful websites that stroke their own egos - but leave customers feeling indifferent or apathetic.

So What?

When you are thinking about how to engage others and what you should say, apply the 'so what' test to help us sort out what's relevant.

"We've been in business for over 10 years" - So what?
"I'm launching a new product range" - So what?
"We recently won an award" - So what?
"Our new website goes live next week" - So what?

"Audiences don't care about what you say - they only care about what they are left with after you've said it." - Andy Bounds, author of The Jelly Effect

Whatever business we are in we need to remember that customers and clients are only interested in us and what we say when we can help them to achieve their goals and objectives. They are interested in what follows the words - what outcomes they can expect, why are the words relevant to them right now, how will the fact that your new website is launched next week or that you are celebrating 10 years in business impact them?

David Tovey is Director of Sterling Growth Hub

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