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A personal and business development programme for ambitious business owners. 

The Sterling Accelerate programme has been designed to equip ambitious small business owners with the connections, support, skills, knowledge and inspiration that leads to business and personal success.

Differentiating yourself and your business is more of a challenge than ever before. Over 800,000 new businesses have been formed in the past five years alone, competition is fierce in pretty much every business sector and only those with the best ideas, best support and best execution will be able to thrive. 

We run the Sterling Accelerate in partnership with leading professional firms. A Sterling Accelerate group,

• Supports you to achieve more personally and in business.

• Gives you access to an experienced team of advisors and subject matter experts.

• Helps you clarify challenges and assess opportunities.

• Helps you make better decisions. 


What do you get as a member of Sterling Accelerate

• A programme of masterclass workshops to help members and their businesses develop .

• A group of ambitious business owners where fellow members have a genuine interest in helping you to succeed.

• Opportunities to build relationships and collaborate with like minded people.

• Professionally facilitated monthly meetings designed to clarify challenges, explore opportunities, to find solutions and be held to account.

• Regular webinars and national events with other groups.

• An e-learning programme to help with marketing.

• The wider Sterling community. 

"It's like having your own advisory board and team of experts on hand to help you and your business grow"

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